Week of Japanese Food

10:12 AM

日本料理 Nihonryōri : Japanese Cuisine

Fun little fact about myself: I actually was planning on minoring in Japanese language in college. I minored in French language and had some extra hours in my schedule. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I wasn't able to finish it in time. That doesn't mean that I don't still love learning about the culture and the language.

Every once in a while, I get a wind of excitement and curiosity. In these bouts I've learned to paint with watercolors, started blogs (cough cough), and planned an entire week dedicated to learning a certain culture's cooking style. This week, Japanese cuisine was my victim. Conveniently this went along with me doing my gluten-free challenge! Anywhere I needed flour or soy sauce, I used potato/corn starch and tamari!

Summer Stamina Butadon

My schedule consisted of these recipes, all by Cooking with Dog, a great YouTube channel with an unfortunate name:

Oyster and Kimchi Nabe (Oyster and kimchi stew)
Oyakodon (Chicken with soft-cooked eggs over rice)
Yuki-nabe (Stew with daikon and pork belly)
Soft-Cooked Omurice (Tomato-y chicken fried rice with a soft-cooked omelet)
Summer Stamina Butadon (Rice bowl with fresh vegetables and glazed pork)
Toriten (Tempura chicken)
Pork Kakuni (Braised pork belly)

Out of the all these recipes, I'd recommend the Oyakodon, Yuki-nabe, Summer Stamina Butadon, and Toriten. The Soft-Cooked Omurice was good too, but I'm just not a huge tomato sauce fan. I definitely don't recommend the Pork Kakuni. The amount of time it took to make this for how it tasted simply wasn't worth it.

I only took two pictures. My two favorite recipes are the Oyakodon and Summer Stamina Butadon. Unfortunately, they aren't exactly the prettiest dishes.

Writing this from Austin, Texas! Hence the lack of presence on the blogsphere.

Have you made any of these dishes before?

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  1. Looks interesting! Great post :)


  2. This is such a cool idea
    I love japanese, so I also would love to do a week full of Japanese mmm
    It also looks so good, you got some cooking skills


    1. Thanks, Karlien! You should definitely try it out. I'm lucky and have some good training, but Cooking with Dog does such a good job of teaching that it doesn't matter what your skill level is!

  3. i've never made oyakodon before, but i need to! it's one of my favorites, and it's so tasty i don't even care what it looks like (; have you tried making okonomiyaki before? that's another tasty one.

    1. Definitely try it, Heather! And I love okomoniyaki!