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10:00 AM

Back at it again with a KonMari App update! If you missed my first post about it, read it here!

Because of all the traveling I've been doing for the past month, it's taken me a while to finish the clothing section. But now that I have finished it, my closet feels refreshed and renewed. Now I'm read to tackle the next section: books!

This section was significantly easier than the clothing portion even though I have a lot of books. Again, you are supposed to pile up your books (and magazines) on the ground and take a picture. This was a little nerve-racking because I collect French books from pre-1960 and I didn't want to hurt them at all. (Feel free to point out how neurotic that is. I know it's crazy. But guess who has a book from the 1880s. This girl!)

Like before, it was impossible to make this mess look good. As you can see, I have a lot of magazines - almost all of which I got rid of in this process.

In the app, the books are separated into sections: 
  • General books (ex: reading books)
  • Cook books
  • Magazines
  • Coffee-Table Books
  • Other (ex: my crazy collection)

I managed to get rid of a few cookbooks, all but one of my magazines (humble-brag: I'm in it), and a couple coffee books. I only have two coffee books. One is about China with some incredible photography. The other is old Chinese communist posters. I also "expanded" my collection to include an old baking guidebook from the 50's even though it is in English. It was just too cute to part with.

Have you guys tried the KonMari App? Also, I've been working on a fall playlist on Spotify. Is that anything you all might be interested in?

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  1. i have heard of the app but never really read or practiced and the fall playlist would be fun!

    1. You should try the app out! It's great for organizing other things too =] I'll see what I can do about a playlist! Thanks for reading, Chichi!

  2. I never heard about this app! I think about installing it now ^^ <3 Thanks for sharing Kiersten xx

    www.beautiliciousd.blogspot.com | Let's follow each other on GFC ♥

  3. I have never heard of this app before but this is sooo cool! I am off to read your post about the clothes now! :)


  4. This app sounds awesome and so useful, I'm definitely gonna have to download it! Great post girl x

    1. Thanks, Cara! Let me know how it goes!

  5. Oh wow I honestly didn't know there's an app. Might have to download it and try sorting my stuff with it. Such a good idea!

    Love, Kerstin

    1. You should totally try it, Kerstin! Also, I love how similar our names are!