Birchbox Haul :: The Beachy Keen Hair Kit and the Meet Your Mascara Kit

10:22 AM

I have some weaknesses. Dark lipstick. National and state parks. Fried chicken at brunch. Game of Thrones inspired fashion and beauty. Anything Tolkien-related. And hair/skincare. I know. Cliche. It hurts. But sometimes, a girl just needs a treat. Also, all of this stuff is okay to carry onto a plane which is perfect for my upcoming trip to Austin, Texas!

So I got that Beachy Keen Hair Kit and the Meet Your Mascara Kit. I love items meant for beachy hair because it tends to work great with curly/wavy hair. As for the mascara, I love using sample size mascaras! It lets me actually use up the entire mascara. I also got two free surprise samples and a free sample size of Benefit's Roller Lash!

  • The Beachy Keen Hair Kit $28 (valued at $58)
    • (Travel-size) Bumble and bumble. Don't Blow It
    • (Travel-size) Davines This Is a Sea Salt Spray
    • (Travel-size) Davines SU Hair & Body Wash
    • (Travel-size) Davroe Luxe Leave-In Masque
    • (Travel-size) Living proof. No Frizz Humidity Shield
    • (Travel-size) Fave4 Up for Air Air Dry Cream

  • The Meet Your Mascara Kit $24 (valued at $63)
    • (Sample-size) Smashbox Cosmetics X-Rated Mascara
    • (Sample-size) Milk Makeup Ubame Mascara
    • (Sample-size) Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara
    • (Sample-size) Mally Beauty Volumizing Mascara
    • (Sample-size) Benefit Cosmetics They're Real! Tinted Lash Primer
    • (Sample-size) Marcelle Xtension Plus Mascara
    • (Sample-size) W3LL PEOPLE Expressionist Mascara

  • Free Mystery Sample Pack
    • Keratase Nectar Thermique
    • Paula's Choice Resist C6 Super Booster
  • Free sample-size Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Mascara

Out of all of these items, I've only tried the Davines This Is a Sea Salt Spray, the Living proof. No Frizz Humidity Shield, the Fave4 Up for Air Air Dry Cream the Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Mascara (actually, my current active mascara).

I like the sea salt spray, but I can't spray it directly onto my hair. It makes my hair a little crunchy. Instead I spray it into my hand, flip my hair upside down, and scrunch it into my hair that way. The humidity shield definitely has a threshold of how much humidity it can block. Essentially, it works unless the humidity gets up to ~60% (a daily occurrence in Georgia). The air dry cream is lovely and helps my hair be wavy and soft as opposed to curly! And I can't stop singing praises of Roller Lash.

Have you tried any of these items?

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  1. Ooh looks like a great collection of products! Thanks for sharing :)

    Enclothed Cognition

  2. these look like some fun products. I was curious about the sea salt spray, so glad to hear you like it (well when you use it your way). The roller lash I'm verrrrrry curious about, you sound happy so I'm gonna check it out too I think


    1. You should definitely try the sea salt spray! It smells lovely. And GET ROLLER LASH! You'll adore it, Karlien!

  3. The mascara kit sounds great! I'm always looking to find a decent one so that would be a great way to try a few.

    Corinne x

    1. I'm really excited about it! I know Birchbox isn't in the UK, but I know Sephora does mascara tester kits.

  4. Ooh, I've been wanting to try don't blow it but am worried it won't do anything good for my fine, flat hair. This is awesome though, it looks like you got some really good stuff!


    1. You should definitely try this kit! I know NOTHING about fine, flat hair, but I bet this would help!