Day 6 on the road :: Stop in Flagstaff, AZ

12:22 AM

I haven't really written on either blog (completely underestimated how little service we'd have in some of these places). But now, Austin and I are sitting in an old laundromat in Flagstaff, AZ and I finally have a second to breathe. 

We've already learned a few things. Like Western Texas, while beautiful can be horribly dangerous during the rainy season. And to ALWAYS check the weather obsessively when you are camping (we got hit by a horrendous storm in Monahans Sandhills, TX that even sent the locals running and hiding).

But we've also been learning how big and beautiful the US is. We've already been to 7 states (Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona), 3 time zones (Eastern, Central, and Mountain), gone from sea level (New Orleans) to 7500ft above sea level (Bluewater Lake State Park), and see the Bayou, the hills of western Texas, the Southwestern desert, and what can only be described as "cowboy country."

We've joked that if our car blew up or evaporated in San Francisco, we'd be completely satisfied by our trip thus far. I can't recommend this trip enough to other people. 

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Blue Mesa at Petrified Forest in Arizona

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