Week of 2.8 :: 7 Good Things

9:39 AM

This week took a nice turn in the right direction compared to last week. It was a slow climb, but it end well. I started off the week flying to Austin, TX for work and almost missing my flight thanks to the "suspicious" boot on my broken toe in combination with my "suspicious" Arabic last name. The trip back wasn't much better.

Regardless, life always get better. I started knitting some mittens for when my car is essentially an ice cube and my bony little fingers are too scared to touch the steering wheel. They are adorable and I'm excited for the finished product! Also, I'm doing pretty well on my sleep challenge (even though waking up today was pretty rough)!

Enough small talk:

  1. My February Birchbox. It was one of the rare months that I liked every single item in the box! The lip liner is a little lighter than I'm used to, but it's still fantastic.
  2. This granola recipe. I'm allergic to coconut, so I made minor changes but still yummmm.
  3. This demo version of "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful" by Florence + the Machine. I love the original, but there's some distantly eerie about this version. I immediately this of what I imagine the large open spaces of the Southwest looks like. My boyfriend and I are planning a month long roadtrip out West and this is my muse for the trip right now.
  4. This kimchi recipe.
  5. Orpheus Brewing. Another brewery in Atlanta that you all should check out. The Ferryman is lovely.
  6. Käsespätzle. It's like Austrian Mac and Cheese. It's one of my ultimate comfort foods.
  7. Korean BBQ Valentine's Day. This is a bit of a tradition for me now. We go in a group with a bunch of singles (usually our couple friends are doing their own thing) and just hang out and eat way too much.

What happen to you this week that made you smile?

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  1. Lovely post. Such a good idea to reflect on your week :)


    Rebecca x

  2. Yay for a better week! I got to spend a whole day at home with my boyfriend which hasn't happened much lately, so just having a lazy day together made my week :)

  3. Loved reading this! Love how you celebrate valentine's day too :)

    Yousra | Mystic Tales

    1. Thank you! You should definitely do it next year. So fun!

  4. First of all that kimchi recipe sounds delicious and second of all a korean bbq night with singles for Valentine's Day is such an awesome idea!!


    Ashley || Sed Bona

    1. The kimchi is AWESOME. Maangchi is the best Korean recipe blogger out there and she's so funny.

      Also, you should definitely try it out! It's so fun!

  5. Great post idea! Love the Instax camera very much! I bought one in pastel pink and I'm very happy with it! :) Isabella x http://isafashionebella.blogspot.com