Day 12 :: Wake Up Early && Ideal Morning Routine

11:42 AM

I'm amazed at how well this is going. And how easy it's been. I'm only at 6:30 right now, so there's still an hour to go, but I think I'm on the path to success!

I've been trying to follow my "ideal" morning and evening routines. Unfortunately, they've been thrown a little off kilter thanks to my business trip and my broken toe (good news: it feels much better and is only a little blue now). Regardless, I've tried to keep up with aspect of it as much as possible.

My Ideal Morning Routine

  1. Drink water and wash face immediately after waking up. Drinking water in the morning is great for your health. Personally, I'm not in for any weight loss or anything like that. Sometimes, I might add lemon.
  2. Work out every other day. I don't do intensive workouts during the weekdays. My hardcore HIIT work outs are reserved for Saturdays and Sundays.
  3. Take a full shower/half shower as necessary. (Curly hair, man.)
  4. Make and eat breakfast and coffee.
  5. Get ready for work.
Any extra free time, I can knit or craft. It's not that fancy of a routine, but I think it suits me just fine!

What's your morning routine? Do you think I'm missing anything?

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  1. I love this simple, yet effective routine. Number 1 is essential to me, too, I drink water as soon as I'm awake and also washing my face is one of those things I just have to do in order to start the day well. I'd like to bring back some yoga/meditation sessions as I used to have.... I'll have to work on this :)

    1. Ooo, I love yoga. But I haven't tried meditation. Maybe I should check it out! Thanks!

  2. Yes, I always make little 'ideal' morning routines that I stick to for like a week and then go back into my sleepy lazy self ^_-

    1. Hahaha! I'm trying to fight that, but I'm glad I'm not the only tempted one!

  3. For me, making my bed as soon as I step out of it is the best way to get my day going right. Then I'm straight to the water and face washing like you. With those three things down I feel like I am ready to get my day going no matter what is on the schedule!

    Suzanne -

    1. Oh, I should add making my bed to the list! I actually have it as one of my sillier 30-day challenges, but maybe I should get started a little early.. Thank you!