Week of 1.18 :: 7 Good Things

9:06 PM

I've seen this idea to go through your week and talk about the good things that happened on a few blogs now: LifeAfterLdn, Odessa Darling, and Dorkface to name a few. I thought was a great idea because it just encourages you to think of the happy things that happened instead of simmering on the negative! I chose 7 because there are 7 days in a week and hopefully I can pick one thing from everyday.

  1. Homemade meals by someone you love. My boyfriend made me dinner one night. Between the two of us, I'm definitely more of the cook. He's not bad. Just not amazing. Even still, walking into his place and seeing him slaving away over the stove was such a sweet image. So much so that I took a polaroid of him!
  2. Goodal Phytowash Yerba mate Bubble Peeling! I got it as a sample in a Birchbox and I honestly might buy it.
  3. Bob's Burgers. I'm positively obsessed with this show.
  4. My space heater. It's not really all that cold in the South right now, but my apartment doesn't keep the heat in all that great. It's wonderful in the summer because it says pretty cool, but in the winter, it's a headache! So my heater allows me to make my room comfortable and toasty with hiking up my bills.
  5. Chia seeds. It hurts to say that because I feel like there's a stereotype around people who like chia seeds. But I make a mean mocha chia seed pudding that is great in the morning for breakfast!
  6. Working from home. One day this week, I worked from home. I didn't have to work on a physical instrument so I could sit in a more relaxing environment and eat whatever I want while I worked!
  7. Beer. Sounds a little like an alcoholic speaking, but my friends and I went to Hop City KSM and it was lovely! I've always been a bit of a guys' girl and there's some great about getting a couple of beers with the guys and laughing over the crappy things that happened over the week.
That felt great to write! What good things happened to you this week?

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  1. I love the idea of 7 good thing. I sometimes forget to remind myself of the good things in life :)
    Xx Blue Ducklings

    1. You should DEFINITELY do it! I'd love to see your list!

  2. Chia seeds are totally not overrated! Mocha chia seed pudding sounds great, you should post the recipe :)
    I'm not enjoying this week so far, so I'm gonna go with coffee and my cats. The good stuff, ya know?

    1. I should post that! I tried your chamomile pudding too and it was absolutely lovely! I never thought to use tea in a chia seed pudding - I'm a convert!

      I hope your week gets better =[ But it sounds like you got at least two lovely things going for you!

    2. I'm so glad you liked it!! I love using tea instead of just water to add a little extra flavor to stuff like chia puddings and oatmeal - really just adds a little something special.