Review :: Oil-Pulling

5:22 PM

That's right. I'm finally at the end of my oil-pulling challenge. And THANK GOD. It's a shame that my first challenge is ending like that, but it is what it is.

The Good
  1. Your teeth felt smooth after doing it.
  2. There's a bit of a (potential) placebo effect. You feel like you're doing so much more for your oral hygiene that's beneficial.
  3. I truly think that it takes off some of the oil-based grime that's on your teeth.

The Bad
  1. My teeth don't look any whiter.
  2. It's a waste of nice olive oil. (Or coconut oil if that's what you use.)
  3. It's 20 minutes of your time - gone.
  4. It's never fun spitting into a garbage can.
  5. I don't think it's doing anything else for your teeth or oral hygiene. At least nothing that everyone claims it does.
  6. If you have a slightly stuffy nose, you definitely can't do oil-pulling with out feeling like your drowning.
  7. If you say somewhere else overnight, it feels rude and awkward to do oil-pulling in the morning.
Obviously, the bad outweighs the good here. I won't completely write anything off and say that oil-pulling is a load of crap because I think some people must see positive results for this to continue to be a viable oral health option. It just wasn't a happy ending for me.

Up next is my Waking Up Early challenge. Technically, it starts today, but I'll walk everyone through my game plan as well as a January Favorites and my last weeks 7 good things later this week!

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  1. Waking up early is hard, but once you get in the habit it's not too bad. I used to be the worst, meanest person ever in the mornings, and now it's my favorite time of day! My advice - have your coffee (if you drink it) ready to go: either set the coffee maker to brew automatically or have a k-cup and a full tank of water in your Keurig so it's all ready to go. Maybe plan something to look forward to as well, like a morning walk if it isn't too cold/dark, a delicious breakfast, or even just some quiet time reading a book you like. Good luck!

    1. Definitely adding those to my list! I woke up at 6am this morning and it was MUCH tougher than I thought. I'm glad to know that you have a success story. Gives me hope!!