Minimalism Journey :: The Start

2:56 PM

To be honest, calling this my "Minimalism Journey" is a bit misleading. I'm not making any attempt to actually identify or live as a minimalist. I have an insane amount of trinkets that lend a lot of comfort. Even my gallery wall in my living room is a tribute to my trinket obsession. I have a spoon on my wall. Who puts a spoon on their wall?

Keep in mind that I took this picture back in October. I have even more ridiculous things up on this wall. That being said, I think there's a lot to learn from minimalist techniques. It's a great way to reduce the unnecessary things in your life. Unnecessary clothing. Unnecessary papers. Unnecessary lifestyle choices.

I feel like this is a great example of my current "level of minimalism." It's an odd mix of "I don't really want that many things in my space" and "I have cute and unnecessary items on my wall." When I look at this, I see a combination of essential items (computer, monitor, light, meal scheduler), sentimental items (note from boyfriend, drawings from sisters), items that my me happy (candle, plants), and items that can probably get lost (half of the items in my desk organizer).

I've already gone through a culled my wardrobe once and found that I don't wear half of my clothing. I have it bagged up in a corner of my room so that I can bring it into H&M to donate (plus I'll get a discount on my next purchase). Immediately, I started noticing a trend in what pieces I gravitate towards, what color I feel most comfortable in. That's when I started checking out some bloggers for minimalist inspiration.

My two favorites that I've found are Lavendaire (blog | youtube) and Rachel Aust (blogyoutube). Both of these ladies are beautiful and inspirational! Rachel Aust is a little more of a classic minimalist: black, white, and grey color palette with sleek lines everywhere. She has incredible video that's a 30 Day Minimalist challenge that comes with a checklist. It has a lot of tips and tricks that are easy to include into your life without necessarily subscribing to a minimalist lifestyle. Lavendaire is a great example of a more mild (and more livable) minimalist. I prefer her blog and videos for her positive and happy approach to life.

I'm taking Rachel Aust's wonderful 30 day checklist and expanding it, making it last all year long. Instead of trying to tackle this lifestyle change in a single month, I'm apply bits and portions that fit me and my personality throughout the year. According to that list my first challenge is to define my personal style.

Do you identify as minimalist or have minimalist characteristics in your lifestyle? And how have you gone about defining your personal style?

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