Day 18 :: Oil-Pulling

12:33 PM

I wanted to share why I think oil pulling might actually work. I don't buy the "it's pulling out toxins" or "it saves you from headaches" spiel. WARNING: Mild science discussion ahead! I know most people don't care all that much about what chemicals do what and how, so I'll write this in a way that's hopefully a little more interesting (and short).

Everyone has done a water-and-oil experiment in their life. You learn "like dissolves like." Toothpaste is essentially water and an abrasive (that's either mildly acidic or mildly basic depending on what the company chooses). When you brush your teeth, you're using physical abrasion (the toothbrush bristles), chemical abrasion (toothpaste), and water to remove whatever is on your teeth. Like dissolves like. With that combination of brushing and water-dissolving-certain-chemicals-on-your-teeth, you're getting off most things - except maybe some of the really stubborn oils. That's where oil-pulling comes in. The oil dissolves the other oils in your mouth. Oils can have a lot of offensive scents, hence the improved breath. Oils can be colored, hence the improved color of teeth. Everything else sounds like a placebo effect.

Keep in mind that this is just my personal theory. I don't have any expertise or any real valid opinion that make this necessarily a correct theory. However, with more research being done, it's going to be interesting to see if this is right or not. Here's a quick picture of my teeth so far in natural, unfiltered light.

I'm not completely convinced that my teeth look any better than they did 18 days ago. I happen to have pretty decent teeth. I do feel like the may be a shade brighter, but that might just be from drinking less coffee.

In other news, I managed to drop my lunch on my way into work today. All of my yummy kale with crispy shallots is in the road and my tomato salad spilled in my brand new car. Thankfully, the salad was salvageable. I just have to scrub down the floor mat and part of my floor. And some squirrels are going to have a great meal today. It could've been so much worse. I won't lie, I'm pretty bummed out because no one likes to waste food, but in an odd way, this was a good way to test my positivity!

Also, I look good today and have coffee in my House Stark mug! I've been learning to embrace my "Queen of Darkness" look more and more. I tend to be most comfortable in dark colors, so I decided, "Screw it! Bring on the darkness!" Thank goodness I have a job where my coworkers don't really care how I look!

What do you think of my oil-pulling theory? Does it make you want to try or keep up with oil-pulling? Or does it just convince you that this isn't a real way to take care of your teeth?

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